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"What another great night, really enjoyed it and I am so pleased with the experiences. I got lots of orbs on my pictures and heard a "shush" right in my ear as we walked through the main hall to go outside." - Lynn

"What a great night it was for us, this was the first time for us (virgins) and we were a little apprehensive, but we had the best night ever. We tagged along with a group of very game students from London, who kindly took us OLD folk under their wings. Thank you to all the members of the team and the other guests for making it both an enjoyable and very memorable night, we will definitely be attending another event with HH & Spooky Nights." - Keith Houghton

"I attended the ghost hunt at the Galleries of Justice and would just like to thank all the staff who made the event so enjoyable. They were very helpful, professional and made the event a once in a lifetime experience. On top of that there was so much phenomena that happened it made for one of the best nights of my life!!! Thank you all so much!!" - Nick Appell

"The Galleries was our second ghost hunt and our first with HH & Spooky Nights. A great night from start to finish at what is a very scary location Thanks Team HH see you soon." - Ali Watson

"Had a great time at the Galleries of Justice lots of activity with the equipment, two moments that stuck out for me that night, though. One was when me and Elwyn were in the police quarters section and had a very strong THUMP against the bare floor right between us. We were walking and only paces away from each other, so this was startling.

The second didn't necessarily have to do with a ghost experience but just a personal facing-your-fears moment. When we were hunting alone, we approached the overnight cell and the mel meter was blaring away as soon as we entered. That sound makes me shiver and I immediately retreated, going "Nope, nope, NOPE!" all the way back upstairs with the machine screaming bloody murder in the background. (I'm also a bit claustrophobic, so the thought of being trapped in a cell was intimidating in itself.) Yet, minutes later, I was back downstairs and investigating because I wasn't about to let the activity beat me. It was a lot less scary the second time around." - Melissa Woodward

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